100% Organic BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz with BigYield.us.

Today we are looking at an in-furrow product from Country Road Distributors called BP In-Furrow. We’ve done some tests on corn early on and had some good results with early germination. But one of the things we’re testing here is in-furrow treatment on soybeans. We had a very good germination on this seed, which this seed started off with low germ.

To the left we’ve got a check, which you can see a noticeable difference as well where we did not apply any in-furrow treatment, where a normal farmer would just go and plant.

Also to the left, another in-furrow treatment that we’re looking at with the same product, BP In-Furrow. And as you guys can see there’s a noticeable difference. One of the other key benefits is this product is 100% organic.

So with that being said, follow us on BigYield.us and have a great summer.

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