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Soybean Test Plot Update

BigYield Soybean Test Plot Update

This is Bill Cook with We are here today planting research plots at the Garden City location. It’s 1 of about 25 locations here in the midwest that we’re planting. This also is one of Dr. Scaboo’s research plot locations. Each time you hear one of those trips it’s another variety. So we should be getting some good precision ... Read More »

Crop Spray Hazards

Big Yield Spray Hazards

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz with Today we are looking at a research plot here that was looking great all season. This is one of the reasons why anti-drift is so important and why you don’t spray in windy conditions. As you can tell the leaves are speckling from drift from a local farmer or neighbor I guess you ... Read More »

Wheat Plot Update

Big Yield Wheat Update

This is John Ortiz with I’m standing here with Jeff from Monsanto and we’re sitting here looking at some high yield wheat. We’re just looking at some of the things that we’ve come across while we’re evaluating some wheat. Here you can tell the army worm is basically been mummified. This is why it’s important to spray the wheat ... Read More »

100% Organic BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans

Big Yield BP In-Furrow Treatment for Soybeans 100% Organic

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz with Today we are looking at an in-furrow product from Country Road Distributors called BP In-Furrow. We’ve done some tests on corn early on and had some good results with early germination. But one of the things we’re testing here is in-furrow treatment on soybeans. We had a very good germination on this seed, ... Read More »

Wheat and Corn Plot Update

Big Yield Wheat and Corn Update

Yeah, this is Bill Cook reporting for We’re here at the farm and Mr. Ortiz and Mr. Franklin are on assignment in Columbia today planting plots. They’re also working at Columbia finishing up. But we have a lot of things going on here at the farm. Mr. Hartzler here is running nitrogen on the corn. This is the kind ... Read More »

Welcome to Big Yield!

Welcome to Big Yield!

Hi. My name’s John Ortiz. Welcome to the Farm Research Center located in Garden City, Missouri. This is one of the many experiments that we do here at the research facility. It all starts with the seed. Today we’re going to be sharing with you how to increase your bottom line, reduce your costs, and make you more efficient. This ... Read More »