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Wrapping Things Up

Soybean Harvest 3

We’re getting close to wrapping things up on corn and soybean season here at The Farm Research Center. Here are some pictures we’ve taken of the recent harvest days. Happy Thanksgiving! Read More »

Missouri Corn Famers See Historic Year

Historic Corn Harvest

Harvest season for Missouri corn farmers is coming to an end, and the numbers are showing that 2013 has been a historic year. The 2013 corn season has been the 4th largest in Missouri state history.  After a tough season last year due to a historic drought, farmers and the crops rebounded this year, seeing an almost 172-million bushel increase ... Read More »

Area Harvest Heads Toward Finale

Harvest Nearing Finale

The region’s farmers welcome the approaching end of harvest with sighs of relief for hard-fought yields. On Monday, the Missouri field office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service said the state’s corn and soybean harvests are 94 percent and 86 percent complete, respectively. The NASS earlier said Missouri’s corn production is forecast to reach 419 million ... Read More »

A Glimpse at Some of Our Smartplots

Clark Missouri 2

We have Smartplots all over state of Missouri and in some bordering states. Here is a look at 4 of them. These are in Fall City, Nebraska, Clark, Missouri, Monet, Missouri, and Charleston, Missouri. Enjoy! Read More »

Southwest Mo. Field Crop Report

Field Crop Report

Parsons, Kansas — Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension in Barton County, scouted area fields in southwest Missouri on Oct. 9 to prepare this week’s field scouting report. This week, Scheidt found grasshoppers and bean leaf beetles feeding on double crop soybeans. “As long as leaves are green and seeds are green, pod feeding insects remain a ... Read More »

Vilsack: Rural America Needs To Tell Its Story

Rural America

“Now is the time for us to re-emphasize, re-educate and remind America of the importance of rural America,” USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack told a group of listeners at the Rural Futures Conference in Lincoln, Neb., Tuesday. Vilsack, whose appearance was sponsored in part by the Heuermann Lectures series in the University of Nebraska and the University of Nebraska’s Rural Futures ... Read More »

Site-Specific Success Depends on Using Data

Site Specific Success

One of the most significant changes in production agriculture over the last 25 years has been adoption of precision agriculture technology as a routine practice in raising and harvesting crops. From early experiments with what now would be seen as rudimentary systems for yield mapping, to global positioning system technology that allows equipment to follow prescribed paths across a field, ... Read More »

Cellulosic Ethanol On the Cusp of Production

Cellulosic Ethanol on Cusp of Production

Cellulosic ethanol is on the brink of entering the U.S. market with three plants scheduled to go on line over the next 12 months. In early October, members of the North American Agricultural Journalists got a chance to see the progress of one of those plants at Nevada, Iowa, and to tour an adjacent traditional plant operated by Lincolnway Energy, ... Read More »

Photos From Ag Way Days at The Farm Research Center

Kids with the Combine

A few weeks ago, students from a local elementary school, East Lynne, came to the Farm Research Center to learn about agriculture. They got to check out crops and all sorts of farm equipment. The kids loved it. Here are some pictures from AgWay Day. Enjoy! Read More »

Healthy Soybeans Can Replace Oils with Unsafe Trans Fats

Healthy Soybeans Can Replace Oils with Unsafe Trans Fats

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced Nov. 7 that they were ruling trans fats as unsafe in food. This determination could ultimately lead to a ban of trans fats in baked goods and many other foods, such as icings and fried foods. Trans fats have been linked to increased risks for heart attacks and strokes. Researchers at the University ... Read More »