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Preparing Planter for In-Furrow Planting

Running Chemical Lines 2

The team recently went to Monett, Missouri to help local farmer Kyle Bounous prepare his planter to put BP In-Furrow on his corn. Here are some pictures giving a brief overview of the process. Enjoy! Read More »

Treating Seed at The Farm Research Center

Coat Seed with Formulation 2

We’ve been treating seed here at The Farm Research Center. We wanted to show you these photos so you could see what the process involves. Enjoy! Read More »

Moving Tanks Into New Containment Area for Blending Bay

Setting Tanks 2

This week we got our new containment area for our chemical blending bay set up. Here are some photos of the process. Enjoy! Read More »

Now is the Time to Check Wheat Field for Winter Damage

Check Wheat Field for Winter Damage

It is too early to be overly concerned about late planted wheat that is not very far along. It is best to wait to see what plants have begun to tiller, according to Jill Scheidt, agronomy specialist with University of Missouri Extension. For producers concerned with wheat yield, tiller production and development resumes in late winter or early spring when ... Read More »

The Blending Bay Gets a Makeover at The Farm

New Induction Tanks 1

We recently upgraded our Chemical Blending Bay here at The Farm! Here are some photos of the finished product. Enjoy! Read More »

Keep Landlord Relationships Strong

Keep Landlord Relationships Strong

What’s changed in your relationships with your landlords in the past few years? A lot is evolving in that arena as land and commodity prices fluctuate. We recently dove into this topic during a panel discussion at our Ag Edge Farm Business Seminars this winter. A major concern shared by the panel was: how can I manage my landlord relationships ... Read More »

Best 2013 Soybean Pictures

What does the term Biologicals mean?

We got a lot of great soybean pictures in 2013. Here is a look at our favorites. Enjoy! Read More »

American Corn and Soybean Farmers Could Boost Production by $11 Billion

Farmers Could Boost Production

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Feb. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — American farmers could have produced approximately 1.6 billion more bushels of corn and 250 million more bushels of soybeans in 2013, realizing approximately $11 billion in additional revenue, if performing equal to the 75th percentile compared to their peers, according to the new TrueHarvest Benchmark. Corn production in Iowa alone could have increased by approximately 11%, creating an additional $1.1 ... Read More »