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Transportation Board Sides With FAA on UAV Ruling

UAV in Agriculture

The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday sided with the Federal Aviation Administration in a case that questions whether federal aircraft regulations apply toUnmanned Aerial Vehicles or “drones.” The Board referred back to an administrative law judge the case of Raphael Pirker, a UAV operator who the FAA claims violated federal aircraft rules by allegedly flying a UAV recklessly over the ... Read More »

Record Harvest of Corn, Beans Crimps Grain Elevators

Record Harvest Crimps Grain Elevators

Grain elevators across mid-Missouri have been struggling to handle the incoming waves of grain from a bumper harvest. Local elevators and co-ops have had a tough time not only storing corn and soybeans, but also transporting it for processing or to market. It is the first time since 2004 that corn and soybeans together have exceeded storage capacity in Missouri, said ... Read More »

USDA Boosts Soybean Crop but Lowers Corn Harvest

Lower Corn Harvest

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is boosting the size of this year’s record soybean crop as farmers in several states report per-acre yields surpassing earlier expectations. The corn crop is reduced slightly but will still be a record. In Monday’s update of this year’s crop, the USDA says soybean farmers are now expected to harvest 3.96 billion bushels, up 31 ... Read More »

Soybeans Plot Harvest 2014

Soybeans Plot Harvest 2014

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Snow Could Reduce Corn Harvest in Upper Midwest

Snow Could Reduce Corn Harvest

The first snow of the season is never a welcome sight, but it’s particularly bad news for farmers in a few states in the Upper Midwest where a significant portion of the corn crop remains in fields. Parts of South Dakota already have received between 4 and 8 inches of snow, while some areas of Minnesota have seen 11 inches. ... Read More »

Harvest Delays Affect Wheat Planting

Harvest Delays Affect Wheat Planting

When rain pushes back harvest of corn and soybean, it also means that wheat planting faces delays. Farmers must decide whether or not to plant wheat this year because of late planting dates. Planting date has a big effect on wheat yield and profitability, said Bill Wiebold, University of Missouri Extension specialist. Growth rate and winter survival are tightly linked ... Read More »

New Leader for MU Soybean Breeding Efforts

Soybean Breeding Efforts

This week Andrew Scaboo accepted a new position at the University of Missouri as Assistant Research Professor in soybean breeding. Scaboo first joined the MU team as a senior research scientist in 2012 and since then has been leading the Northern Missouri Soybean Breeding Program. Scaboo says that though his title has changed, his overall goals for the program remain ... Read More »