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Purdue Specialist Explains Ways to Best Establish for Spring Forage

Best Way to Establish a Spring Forage

With planting season approaching, farmers planning to grow forage should keep in mind six major considerations that could determine the success of their crop, a Purdue Extension specialist says. “Establishing forage requires planning and great attention to detail,” said Keith Johnson. “If all elements are considered, your efforts can result in a great forage stand that will provide healthy, sustainable and ... Read More »

New U2U Tool Helps Farmers Understand Impact of Global Climate Patterns

Impact of Global Climate Patterns

The Useful to Usable climate initiative based at Purdue University has added an online tool enabling farmers and agricultural advisers to better assess how climate patterns in other parts of the world can influence local conditions and corn yields across the Corn Belt. The Climate Patterns Viewer can help growers make more informed farm management decisions during different phases of ... Read More »

Back-to-Back Soybean: Don’t Do It

Back to Back Soybean

More farmers are looking at a practice long frowned upon: planting back-to-back soybean. Don’t do it, says University of Missouri Extension soybean specialist Bill Wiebold. Expect lower yields and higher erosion if you don’t rotate soybean with corn. Risk of disease, insects and nematodes also increase. Falling corn prices and steady production costs tempt some farmers to choose continuous bean ... Read More »

BigBioYield Offers SDS Defense Tool for Looming Disaster in Yield

SDS BigBioYield

Crop biological products are natural inputs comprised of bacterial strains that support a healthy soil environment, promote plant vigor and boost yield potential. BigBioYield, a crop biological from Missouri-based BigYield.us, combines multiple beneficial bacterial strains into a polymicrobial blend. In soybeans, applying BigBioYield can aid growers in managing soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS), a disease that can have an economically ... Read More »

Four Takeaways from USDA’s Long-Term Agricultural Forecast

Four Takeaways from USDA Long-Term Agricultural Forecast

In February, USDA released its long-term agricultural forecasts through 2024. Within the report, the agency outlined acreage, yield, production and use projections for multiple crops. The following points highlight U.S. estimates for corn, wheat and soybean crops. 1) Acreage estimates drop for corn and wheat but increase slightly for soybean. From 2013/2014 to 2024/2025, USDA estimated that corn and wheat planted acreage ... Read More »

5 Issues for Agriculture to Track in D.C.

5 Issues to Track in DC

This next year, several farm-related issues will likely become policy matters to watch. The following list shares five of these key issues. 1) Renewable Fuel Standard has an unclear future. Through the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to release annual ethanol and biofuel blending requirements for the country’s fuel refineries. However, the agency delayed disclosing ... Read More »

Test Plots Tell the Story

Test Plots Tell the Story

Test plots provide an opportunity to experiment with varying tillage systems, herbicide applications, fertilizer treatments, other input use or seed varieties and hybrids, according to a Kansas State University test plot guide. Data collected from test plots tell the story about how well a particular production variable performs given local conditions. To design your own on-farm test plot, consider these ... Read More »

Top 4 Takeaways from USDA 2014 Crop Production Summary

Corn Grain

On Jan. 12, the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service released its 2014 crop production summary. The report shared 2014 production data for many crops. The following list shares four key takeaways from the report. U.S. corn and soybean yield averages were records in 2014. The report showed that U.S. corn yields increased from 158.1 bushels per acre on average in ... Read More »

Nine Factors to Consider in your Strategic Plan

Corn Field with Atttribution CC

Strategic planning is a process that you as a business owner may use to evaluate your business and the environment in which you operate. Ultimately, a strategic plan informs operational decisions that help the firm reach its goals and potential. If you haven’t recently revisited your business’ strategic plan or haven’t developed a plan altogether, then consider these nine factors ... Read More »