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Different Soybean Genetics for Foliar Applications

Different Soybean Genetics for Foliar Applications

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Diseased Wheat Plagues Farmers

Diseased Wheat

This year’s record-breaking rain and continued wet weather has led to serious problems in wheat fields. Farmers have had a tough time harvesting the wheat crop in the first place, and now disease is making it hard or even impossible to sell, says Pat Westhoff, director of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri. ... Read More »

Crop Update Photos 7-22-2015

Soybeans 7

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Cover Crops are Alternative for Acres Unplanted Due to Rain

Alternative for Acres Unplanted

Record rainfall in the Midwest has kept farmers out of the field, leaving thousands of acres of row crops unplanted due to the weather. Farmers who receive prevented planting insurance payments can still plant cover crops on those fields to improve soil health, says Rob Myers, University of Missouri Extension agronomist. “That’s provided the cover crop is not hayed or ... Read More »

BigSmartPlot Tour in Adrian Photos

Adrian BigSmartPlot Tour 2

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Bill Cook and John Ortiz Discuss Carbon

Bill Cook and John Ortiz Discuss Carbon

Bill Cook and John Ortiz of discuss carbon and it’s importance in agriculture. Read More »

Cover Crops Could Help Save Soil in Flooded Fields, Experts Say

Cover Crops

Planting cover crops could help preserve healthy soil in fields that have been left empty this year because of flooding, according to a new article by Purdue agronomist Eileen Kladivko and Barry Fisher, Indiana state soil health specialist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service. “These ‘prevented planting’ acres, while unfortunate for this year’s production, should be managed in ways to ... Read More »

Report Identifies Future Skills Gap in Agriculture Industry Talent Pool

Future Skills Gap

Within the past two months, a newly graduated class of college students left their campuses, and many prepared to join the workforce. Based on results from a recent study, however, too few graduates from this year’s class through the class of 2020 will have studied agriculture-related disciplines to fill the employment opportunities available in the agriculture industry. The report, authored ... Read More »

Research Suggests Several Threats to Soil Security, Opportunities to Improve Soil Management

Threats to Soil Security

As the United Nations observes 2015 as the International Year of Soils, a new study articulates that soil resources have plateaued in their ability to keep pace with food production needs. Specifically, the study described several factors that may threaten the viability of the world’s soil resources. The following points share about such threats and present possible solutions. 1. The ... Read More »

Four Questions about Soil Carbon and its Role in Agricultural Productivity

Soil Carbon

Throughout the world, soil resources store a significant carbon load. Relative to the atmosphere, the soil contains three times as much carbon, according to a 2012 publication from the United Nations. However, the report also summarizes research that suggests that soil carbon levels have declined. One study quantified that the global carbon supply held in soil and vegetative resources had ... Read More »