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Three Points about U.S. Soybean Export Trends

Dry Soybean Pods

U.S. producers have become increasingly reliant on foreign countries as markets for the soybeans that they raise. In 2005, the U.S. exported an estimated 30.5 percent of the soybeans produced domestically in that year. By 2014, U.S. soybean exports grew to represent 45.9 percent of the more than 108 million metric tons produced that year. Between 2005 and 2014, exports ... Read More »

BigYield.us Offers BP FA Biological for Dry Fertilizer Applications

Biological for Dry Fertilizer

As a blend of beneficial bacteria, crop biologicals have multiple benefits. Those available from BigYield.usTM encourage plant health, unlock nutrients bound to the soil, deter soil-borne disease infection, promote root development and facilitate plant vigor. Ultimately, by using crop biologicals from BigYield.usTM, growers improve the crop growing environment and plant health. When applying biologicals, producers have three choices: in-furrow application, ... Read More »

BigYield.us Collects Corn Harvest Data from BigSmartPlots


During the week of Sept. 14, the BigYield.us team finished harvesting its corn test plots at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo. In two corn fields, the team compared a control condition to a treatment condition that involved applying five gallons of BP In-Furrow combined with a high-quality 3-18-18 starter fertilizer. As a crop biological, the BP In-Furrow ... Read More »

Soybean Pod Comparison with BigSoy100

Soybean Pod Comparison with BigSoy100

J.J. Stoekl of Royal-Grow and BigYield.us shows the effect BigSoy100 has on the pod setting and overall seed quality on soybeans. Read More »