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BigYield.us Wheat Products Offer Winning Big Yield Solution

Winning Big Yield Wheat Solution

With the right production environment and inputs, wheat can be a winner on your farm. BigYield.us has several products proven to improve wheat plant health, yields and total production on your farm this year. Our team especially likes the potential that foliar applications have this year for boosting wheat yields. Our BigWheat150, Yield- Booster and BigBioYield products all may be used ... Read More »

Low Projected Net Farm Income Forces Focus on Efficiency

Low Projected Net Farm Income

USDA recently released updated net farm income data. It shared that net farm income totaled $90.4 billion in 2014, and it’s projected to total $55.9 billion in 2015. Not since 2002 has net farm income dropped to levels lower than those predicted for 2015. Just two years ago, net farm income hit a $123.3 billion high. The projections suggest that ... Read More »

Year-End Purchases and Opportunities

Year-End Purchases and Opportunities

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Shrinking Net Farm Income Forces Focus on Efficiency

Focus on Efficiency

Most everyone knows that the world’s population will grow from about 7 billion people today to exceed an estimated 9 billion people by 2050. That along with an expanding middle class will require agriculture to double food production, but USDA tells us that global production is not accelerating fast enough. Some people may suggest that planting all GMO crops would ... Read More »

Photos from Our Garden City Grower Meeting


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Check Out Our New BigBioAssociates Program

Check Out Our New BigBioAssociates Program

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Purdue Economist: Profit Isn’t Just About Cost Per Acre

Soybean Data Collection

Corn and soybean growers should not scrimp on crop inputs because of lower grain prices and tightening profit margins, a Purdue University agricultural economist says. Michael Gunderson, associate professor and associate director for Purdue’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business, said cutting corners on inputs can be more costly for producers because of yield reductions. “The current commodity price climate might ... Read More »

Photos from Our East Coast Grower Meeting


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Soybean Variety Tests Show Surprisingly Good Yields

Surprisingly Good Yields

Despite a growing season of extremes, soybean in the University of Missouri Variety Testing Program show surprisingly good yields, said MU Extension agronomist Bill Wiebold. “Yields were really very good,” especially considering more than 1 million acres in Missouri were planted after July 1, Wiebold said. For 75 years, MU researchers have compared varieties in several locations in each region ... Read More »