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The New VISPS Program

VISPS Program

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Brix Levels Can Indicate Crop Health, Quality

Brix Levels Indicate Crop Health

For field crop and forage producers, reading and interpreting Brix levels may be relatively novel concepts. The specialty crop industry, however, has used Brix readings to assess crop health and quality for some time. Brix levels represent the soluble solids content present in a liquid solution, according to a video from The Ohio State University. Soluble solids include amino acids, ... Read More »

How to Test Brix Levels

BRIX Test Demonstration

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Beneficial Bacteria Support Soil, Plant Health

Beneficial Bacteria Support Soil Health

Biological products are beginning to gain traction in production agriculture. Since 2008/2009, we at Big- have studied and offered biologicals that can manage production factors that influence yield potential. Our BigBioYield product combines eight beneficial bacteria into a single product. Derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, these specially selected bacteria support or produce enzymes and phytohormones that facilitate soil and ... Read More »

Sweeten Yield Potential with BigSweetYield

Sweeten Yield Potential with BigSweetYield

We recently rebranded our cold-processed sweetener and now use the BigSweetYield name. With it, you’ll get the same yield-enhancing formula that we had offered in our BigSoy100, BigCorn300 and BigWheat150 products. Already this year, we’ve seen strong interest in BigSweetYield! As a cold-processed sweetener, BigSweetYield is glucose-based, so it supplies carbohydrates in a form that’s quickly available to plants. BigSweetYield ... Read More »

Start Now to Increase Soil Organic Matter


Although organic matter usually represents just 3 percent to 6 percent of healthy soil, it can greatly affect field and crop productivity. Soil organic matter originates from decomposing plants and animals, and according to a Cornell University guide, it physically, biologically and chemically benefits the soil. From a physical perspective, organic matter enables soils to hold water, makes clay soils ... Read More »