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Humate Application Rate and Efficacy


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Persisting Through the Farm Credit Crunch

Farm Credit Crunch

During the past few years, farm economic and creditworthiness conditions have changed markedly. Good returns that growers captured during market highs produced surpluses for some. However, such reserves have already eroded in some cases. As grain prices continue to retreat, producers may struggle to earn enough revenue to pay their expenses. A recent story from DTN/The Progressive Farmer highlighted potential ... Read More »

Take Advantage of Prepay Discounts

Take Advantage of Prepay

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BP In-Furrow Produces 341% Return on Investment in Corn

BP In-Furrow ROI

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BP In-Furrow Boosts Yields, Generates Return in 2016 Corn Trials

BP In-Furrow Boosts Yield

The team has wrapped up the 2016 corn harvest. At, we view field research as one of our greatest assets. Through research, we test products and practices and identify those most likely to maximize yields for our farmers. Essentially, with knowledge gleaned through research, we fulfill our mission of saving you money, making you money and saving you ... Read More »

Fall Weed Control with Burning

Fall Herbicide Alternative

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Deep Ripping for Soil Compaction Issues

Deep Ripping

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Non-GMO Movement Continues into National Non-GMO Month

Non-GMO Movement

In October, National Non-GMO Month is observed. During the past few years, the “non-GMO” claim has gained more momentum. Consumers increasingly view non-GMO products as those associated with health and wellness as they offer perceived simplicity and minimized processing, based on Nielsen research results recently shared by FoodNavigator-USA. Throughout the food products value chain, many stakeholders have responded by taking ... Read More »

Harvesting and Marketing VISPS-Verified Products

VISPS Grain Marketing

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Manage Field Residues Post-Harvest

Manage Field Residues

In conditions when crops thrive and yields break records, field residues tend to make their own mark. Considering the performance of this year’s crops, residues will be one factor to watch this fall. Corn and wheat are two crops known for producing significant residues, and the surface residue has its benefits. For example, the Illinois Soybean Association has reported that ... Read More »