2017 Foliar Soybean Data for BigYield.us Products

Our 2017 soybean data for our foliar products is complete. Our BigBioYield, Yield Booster, BigSweetYield DB, and BigSweetYield all performed well. John Ortiz discusses the increases for each product in the video. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, John Ortiz with BigYield.us. Today we’re going to be discussing our 2017 foliar-feed data on soybeans.

Our average check on four replications was 44.3 bushel per acre. That was the check. Our BigBioYield averaged 52.3 bushel per acre, so that was an increase of 8 bushel per acre for the BigBioYield. Average for four replications of Yield Booster was 50.2 bushel per acre, so that’s 5.9 bushel per acre increase. BigSweetYield DB averaged 50.8 bushel per acre, so that was a 6.5 bushel per acre increase. Then our BigSweetYield averaged 47.6 bushel per acre, which was a 3 bushel per acre increase across the board.

Again, that was replicated strip trial plots. We had four replications, and took the average of the four. Those are the numbers I just gave you.

Be sure to follow us on BigYield.us. For more questions or comments, feel free to text us, email us, look us up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and all that good stuff. If you guys are curious about finding out some more information, please contact us. Have a great day.

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