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Make Soybean Seed Treatments Your High-Yielding Secret

Soybean Seed Treatments

To survive, crops must be strong and healthy, and providing well-balanced plant nutrition gives plants not only what they need to survive but also thrive. Seed treatments present an opportunity to supply plants with essential nutrients at planting and support seed’s potential. To raise high-yielding soybeans, a University of Illinois researcher has named seed treatments as one of the six ... Read More »

Use BigYieldCoat Soy as a Planter Box Treatment for Soybeans

Use BigYieldCoat Soy for Soybeans

Read More »

BigYield Consultant Profile: Brandon Milliron

Brandon Milliron Profile Feature

This year, we’re looking forward to showcasing the District Sales Managers and BigYield Consultants who work alongside our business. Brandon Milliron is one of our BigYield Consultants. Based in Fontana, Kan., Brandon began purchasing products in 2014. Later, in 2016, he started selling product as a BigYield Consultant. He represents in east central and southeast Kansas. You can ... Read More »

Plant Spring Cover Crops for Soil Health Benefits

Plant Spring Cover Crops for Soil Health Benefits

If you didn’t plant a cover crop last fall, then it’s not too late! Spring-planted cover crops can prevent erosion, sequester carbon and manage weeds. For more information, call the team at 844-242-4367. Read More »

What’s Your “Why”?

What's Your Why

Our team recently participated in the WOW – Worldwide Organic Winners conference hosted in Kansas City, Mo. One impactful concept circulating around the conference was the importance of understanding why we do what we do professionally. This raises a good point. The first question that we should ask ourselves for 2017 is why we’re doing what we’re doing. Answering ... Read More »

Save on BigSweetYield with BigYield Bucks Discounts

Save on BigSweetYield with BigYield Bucks

Growers can earn large savings on our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener by using BigYield Bucks. This program is available from Feb. 22, 2017, to March 1, 2017. Learn more from our team at the 2017 Western Farm Show in Kansas City. Booth 2101! Read More »

Use BPIF-Soy Organic for Organic Soybeans

BPIF-Soy Organic for Organic Soybeans

Our new BPIF-Soy Organic product is an in-furrow treatment that can be used for organic soybeans. It combines our BigSweetYield, a cold-processed sweetener, and our Double  Nickel 55, an organic biological fungicide. Use BPIF-Soy Organic to supply energy, protect plants from pathogens, improve soil health and enhance soybean yields. Call 844-242-4367 for more information. Read More »

Plan Now for Spring Foliar Wheat Applications

Spring Foliar Wheat Applications

In recent years, the wheat market has been bleak. Large harvests worldwide pressured prices. However, market indicators suggest some interesting potential conditions for this year’s crop. According to USDA data shared in a recent Bloomberg story, the U.S. is projected to have planted fewer winter wheat acres this year than in the past century. With lower acreage and potential weather-related ... Read More » Wheat Application Timing

Wheat Application Timing

Kent Kauffman of discusses recommendations for using products on wheat. Read More »

BigSweetYield Effect on Citrus Trees Infected with Huanglongbing, or Citrus Greening, Disease

Citrus Comparison

Recently, began testing the effect of BigSweetYield applications on citrus trees infected with Huanglongbing, a disease also known as citrus greening that causes fruit to drop prematurely from trees and can trigger other adverse effects. Trees treated with BigSweetYield have had less premature fruit dropping, and they’re much fuller and healthier. Read More »