770 Percent ROI with BigYieldCoat Soy

BigYieldCoat Soy is our dry seed treatment specially formulated for soybeans. The product contains nutrients that will help soybean seedlings get a head start on the growing season and attain a higher yield. In 2017 research, BigYieldCoat Soy performed extremely well. Watch the video from John Ortiz to learn more. If you have any questions or would like to use the product in your soybean fertility plan this year, contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, John Ortiz with BigYield.us. Today we are going to be discussing our BigYieldCoat Soy and the 2017 ROI data that we’ve seen.

BigYieldCoat Soy is a dry planter box seed treatment that you apply either in your box treatment or your center fill. What it does is it contributes to faster emergence, stronger plants, and higher yields.

In our 2017 research we saw a 6.3 bushel per acre yield increase. That was averaged over replicated trials. What that equates to is around 770% ROI when applying the product at a rate of 4 ounces per hundred pounds of seed.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime at www.BigYield.us or give us a call. Thank you guys very much and have a great day.

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