Apply BigSweetYield DB, Yield Booster, or BigSweetYield for Big Soybean Yields

As soybeans begin to bloom, it is time for growers to make their foliar applications. has three different products for growers to consider for foliar soybean nutrition. These products are BigSweetYield DB, Yield Booster, and BigSweetYield. To learn more about any of these products, go to or call (844) 242-4367.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is John Ortiz with Today we’re going to be talking about three of our differen foliar options that you have the choice of applying on your soybeans. Right now is the perfect time for those of you who got your beans planted early. We’ve got three different packages that we like to go across the field with.

We’ve got our BigSweetYield DB, which has our BigSweetYield, our biological, and our Yield Booster in it. If some of you are applying fungicides and insecticides, you can pre-mix or incorporate this product into what you are currently doing.

The second product that we have is just the Yield Booster portion. It is NPK sourced with seven micronutrients that you can apply over the top. Again, you can incorporate this with a fungicide or an insecticide. The Yield Booster with NPK also has seven micros as well. We’ve taken the shotgun approach to what your plant may need.

Our third product is our BigSweetYield product. It’s our cold-processed sweetener which again you can incorporate and mix with fungicides and insecticides as well.

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