Are Poor Yields Due to Short Drought Periods a Thing of the Past? We Think So!

As farmers we try to do everything possible to see our crops succeed.  We take care in choosing the right seed, soil and chemical treatments.  However, no matter how much we do to try and ensure success there are always factors that we cannot control. Drought is one of those factors.  Here at Big Yield we are working to change that.  The research team here at Big Yield is on the cutting edge of a treatment that preserves high yields in soybeans during periods of low moisture conditions, and we are doing so in a way that minimizes grower costs and increases grower yields.

Drought Stricken SoybeansPlants that can remain healthy while using less water become low moisture resistant and are less affected by dry periods.  Having this luxury would greatly increase grower yields and open up many new possibilities.

Plant leaves have microscopic holes called stomata that leak moisture.  The water that the soybeans have stored start to leak out of the stomata, and this is what causes them to struggle during extended periods of low rainfall.  Our research shows that it is possible to reduce the size of those holes or close them entirely, thus slowing moisture loss within the plant.  This will also then help protect the plant from losing the vital nutrients.

Abscisic Acid is the key to making this happen.  Abscisic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that has been bread out of high yielding, rapid growth genetics for various reasons.  This acid has the ability to drastically shrink or even close a plant’s stomata.  John Ortiz, General Manager of Missouri Food and Fiber LLC had this to say: “Our challenge is to create a process that effectively sustains the plant’s health in low moisture conditions while at the same time having low impact on the profit formula for the crop.  I believe we are on to a solution that is going to significantly impact soybean growers who find themselves in these circumstances.”

At Big Yield it is always a top priority to find new ways to help our growers.  We believe in quality products and that all farmers should have easy access to them.  Check us out at for more cutting edge research, including tips and strategies for achieving bigger crop yields.  Have a great day!


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