Friday, September 29th 2023

Bay Farms Missouri Soybean Research Plot Update

This is Bill Cook. It’s July 1.

I’m at the Bay Farms. We’re looking over research plots. You can see this plot just got planted about a week ago, around the 25th just coming up. The earlier plot’s about almost a month earlier. We should get some pretty good data out of this plot here. Some of this is uh… Andrew Scaboo planted a lot of plots here for himself and also some stuff for us.

Down here you’ll notice that we’re just getting started with a small lake where we’ll be able to water our research in the future. There’s about thirty acre feet of water. It should give us about eight to ten inches of water a year.

This will be one of the smart plots. We’re going to cut this up and on this ridge here we’ll start accumulating data on the smart plots. On some of the CRD Products. All over the background you’ll see that is the university research farm, Bradford Farms. They’ve been very helpful to us trying to get us some extra equipment things here to work with.

Also have a no till plot over here. This will all get cleaned up hopefully here in the next week or so. We’ll get our signage up.

But this just gives you an overview of what’s going on at the Bay Farms and again this is one of three location we have a lot of yield data on along with some John Ortiz’ and Franklin Weaver’s plots around the state. We’ve got another sixty plots around the state not quite this large.

Signing off for Bill Cook and also check us out on Where we keep you up to speed on everything that’s going on. We had some really good wheat results. That will be coming up on very soon. So keep informed on that because I think there’s some real opportunity to get some high yielding wheat. Same thing here with soybeans, and hopefully we’ll have that with corn also.

Have a great summer!


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