Be Sure to Check Out the Missouri Hemp Conference and other Hemp Opportunities

For Missouri growers interested in hemp production, be sure to check out the Missouri Hemp Association and their upcoming conference, the Missouri Hemp Conference 2019: Seed to Sale. Watch the video from Bill Cook to learn more.

To learn more about the Missouri Hemp Association visit their website at

Video Transcript

This is Bill Cook with the BigYield company. I’m reporting on a lot of exciting things going on with you BigYield customers. There are a lot of cool things going on that you should be aware of.

I know that you know it’s wet out there. Last I heard, we are at about 54% of the corn crop being planted here in Missouri. There are a lot of beans to plant and a lot of crop to get put in. But really, the buzz that is happening right now is all about the hemp.

The governor is going to sign the hemp bill the first of the week. Bill 133 got passed. There was a lot of effort from this new hemp association, which I am very proud to be involved with.

We’re really excited about that opportunity, and we want to remind you that on July 30th there is going to be a big convention – symposium, seminar – whatever you want to call it. It will be in Columbia, Missouri. You will be able to get tickets online fairly soon. Don’t miss that. That is going to be really exciting for all of you folks who are wanting to be involved in the hemp industry.

This is a great opportunity and there are a lot of great people there. Dr. Henry Nguyen and all the folks from the universities and a lot of folks from the hemp association. It’s got a great board and it’s an exciting time.

So keep track of what is happening July 30th down at Columbia and have a great day.

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