Big Yield and the HHR

Big Yield HHRAs you can imagine, we keep quite a few vehicles over here at the Campus.  You already know about the Big Yield Bus. But most of the other vehicles are trucks. One exception is the HHR.

We just got back from picking her up at the sign shop. Yes, looks like the HHR got some graphics applied to it also. The trend lately around here seems to be “If it’s not moving, then it’s gonna get plastered onto the sides of it!” But we’re okay with that because it’s important that we get our message out. is all about educating growers and farmers about our recipes for growing high yield soybeans, high yield corn, and high yield wheat. And achieving those objectives with cost effective inputs that are easy to apply.

So if you’re out and about and happen to run across one of our Big Yield vehicles, stop us and say hello. Our friendly team of professionals would love the opportunity to visit with you and listen to what you have going on in your fields!



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