BigSweetYield Showed a 561% ROI on Corn in 2019 Trials

As we continue to work through our 2019 ROI data, this week we wanted to discuss our results for BigSweetYield on corn. This year, BigSweetYield showed a 3.5 bushel-per-acre increase over the control, resulting in a 561% ROI. Watch the video from Brian Kurz to learn more.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Brian Kurz again with Renegade Research. For those of you who have been following along, we have been giving reports on some of the University of Missouri corn data that has been coming in for our 2019 research trials. Here at BigYield, we pride ourselves on our products return-on-investment and we want to know exactly how much they are returning.

So specifically for today, we want to look at BigSweetYield. This is a dry powder that dissolves in water. It’s a glucose-based product that we spray over the top as a foliar. It is typically applied at 1 pound per acre. Some people apply multiple times throughout the year, but for this specific trial it was applied one time with a herbicide application.

All of this data is collected by the University of Missouri. They bring in their research combine and also look over protocols and things we do for planting procedures. Anyways, they came and harvested this and sent us the results and that gives us a good third-party certification.

With the data coming in from the University of Missouri, we actually saw a 3.5 bushel-per-acre increase over the check. With around a $3.70 corn price and given a product cost around $2.00 per acre, we saw a 561% return-on-investment. That was a very good return.

It’s an easy to use product. It’s great to handle and great for storage. My overall observation of this product is it’s easy to use and it obviously shows exceptional results. I’ve been working with this product for a few years and have seen consistent data returns during the time I have been working with it. This data matches up really well with about 8 years of research data on this specific product. It’s a really great product and I really enjoyed using it.

We have a lot more data coming in from the university, and check back in with us soon to see that data.

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