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BigSweetYield Shows Great Results on Strawberries

Dustin Grooms with Fancy Farms in Plant City, Florida has been using the BigSweetYield products on his strawberries and has seen some great results. The BigSweetYield allowed them to get an extra harvest out of their strawberries, and has helped reduce thrip pressure. Watch the video to learn more. If you are interested in BigSweetYield or have any questions, call (844) 242-4367.

Video Transcript

Scott Dickey: Good afternoon everyone. This is Scott Dickey with BigYield. We are out in beautiful Plant City, Florida today. It is November 13th, 2017. We’re out with Dustin Grooms from Fancy Farms Strawberries. Dustin has been using our cold-processed sweetener, better known as the BigSweetYield, over the last couple years. He has seen some really positive results. So I’m gonna let Dustin talk a little bit about what he has seen. Dustin, take it away.

Dustin Grooms: We’re really happy with the results of the BigSweetYield. It tank mixes with everything that we put out here on the farm, we haven’t had any trouble with it. At the end of our season we have actually been able to make another crop, and do some processing with some juice because it has raised the Brix levels, and that’s our saving grace right there. Also, it definitely helps with the thrips. Typically at the end of the year, you walk out here with a white shirt, you’ll be covered with orange thrips. If you went out here last year, we didn’t have any. So, it definitely has a lot of positives, and I’m sure there are some other things we haven’t even discovered yet.

Scott Dickey: Alright, that is awesome man. Again, we’re out here with Dustin Grooms, using the BigSweetYield product. Check them out, they are Fancy Farms. They have got some sweet tasting strawberries. Again, Scott Dickey with Thanks guys.

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