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We know most of you are busy in the fields right now, so we just wanted to share a quick thank you and company update. Because of you, our customers, BigYield is continuing to grow and help farmers be successful. Thank you to each of you, and we are looking forward to another great season of doing business with you.

Video Transcript

This is Bill Cook, and I’ve been working with the BigYield company for about nine years now. We know this is a busy time and this is kind of an update, but the people of BigYield want me to thank you so very much for your wisdom and understanding and willingness to try the BigYield philosophy by saving money, making money, and saving time. In the last few years we’ve been very popular in the Midwest, but now we’ve expanded to the East Coast, Georgia, Florida, and several other states as we’ve added to our model of distribution. There’s Roger Smith out of southern Missouri that we use on the liquid fertilizer, and so his mixtures and things that BigYield has worked with has really accelerated the liquid fertilizer business this year.

We wanna thank all of you again for doing business with BigYield, and we want to let you know out of the last nine years, this is the best month that BigYield has ever had in March. It’s because of you and you understanding how to use the BigYield products, and we want to continue to share programs and share stuff that will let you take advantage of all the different ways to buy bushels, because it’s really important for BigYield, and important for our country, that you use the BigYield products for your own self-interest, and provide a profitable operation so that you be good food supplies for this country as we go thought these difficult times. So Big Yield thanks you and we appreciate you.

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