Adds Spray Drone As a Research Farm Testing Tool

The research team at will use a new spray drone this year to enhance its on-farm testing capabilities. The spray drone has a 10-foot boom that enables the research team to spray four 30-inch rows at a time. It also features a 4.4-gallon tank and 44-pound lift capacity. With this equipment, the team can improve its product testing in traditional row crops such as corn and soybeans. Plus, the spray drone enables the team to spray when field conditions, such as muddy soil, otherwise wouldn’t allow fieldwork, and the crop experiences no damage from passing equipment. Although the spray drone will only be used for research this year, it’s a technology that may soon reach commercial scale for large operations. We at look forward to sharing our spray drone experiences with you! If you have questions about using a spray drone in its research program, then please call 844-242-4367, or go to

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