Offers BP FA Biological for Dry Fertilizer Applications

As a blend of beneficial bacteria, crop biologicals have multiple benefits. Those available from BigYield.usTM encourage plant health, unlock nutrients bound to the soil, deter soil-borne disease infection, promote root development and facilitate plant vigor. Ultimately, by using crop biologicals from BigYield.usTM, growers improve the crop growing environment and plant health.

When applying biologicals, producers have three choices: in-furrow application, foliar application and application via dry fertilizer impregnated with biologicals. Available from BigYield.usTM, BP FATM is a liquid biological treatment designed to coat dry fertilizer granules. Impregnating BP FATM onto each dry fertilizer granule couples benefits from the beneficial microorganisms found in BP FATM and the given fertilizer itself.

Applying dry fertilizer with the BP FATM coating improves the evenness at which the fertilizer is spread, and it enhances the fertilizer spreader pattern. In other words, the liquid BigBioYieldTM biological coating may help to reduce overapplying fertilizer in one area and underapplying it in another. Additionally, coating dry fertilizer with BP FATM essentially seals the fertilizer particles and causes fine particles to adhere to larger granules. This controls fertilizer application dust.

Producers may add BP FATM to fertilizer programs for their corn, soybean or wheat crops. To learn more about BP FATM, go to

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