Reaches 30 Countries in Just Over 60 Days

Big Yield Reaches 30 Countries and CountingOur new website has reached visitors in more than 30 countries in a very short span of time. Launched officially in August of 2013, was developed to help all growers achieve higher yielding crops by understanding and utilizing the latest advancements in Agriculture Technology. Our team is comprised of Growers, Researchers, and Staff focused on providing information, solutions, techniques, products, and strategies that improve grower productivity and improve the quality of products grown on the farm.

As our planet is increasingly faced with the challenge of feeding more people and more livestock, new technologies and strategies are needed to get more yield from the crops we grow. At the same time, researchers and innovators are challenged with creating Green Technologies that stimulate and invigorate our planet so that we can leave it in a better condition than we found it. Billions of dollars of investment is being poured into agricultural research and development. The net affect to the industry so far is an upward change in yield like we have never seen before.

At we have come upon a number of yield enhancing products and strategies that have proven successful over several seasons. Our goal is to create a systems approach to yield that consistenly delivers:

– 100 Bushel Soybeans

– 300 Bushel Corn

– 100 Bushel Wheat

In the coming months we will be producing a series of videos and articles that will detail exactly what we are doing to achieve these results and how you can do the same on your farm. And what’s exciting for us is that growers all over the world are watching us. We receive calls and emails on a regular basis asking us to demonstrate our methods for expanding farms with yield instead of acres. Continue to follow us and together we will create a higher yielding farm that is more profitable, more environmentally friendly, and more productive. Watch as we introduce products and strategies that will make your plant healthier and stronger. And in doing so experience what we at know to be true, “Plant Health Creates Farmers Wealth!”

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