Wheat Products Create Big Yield Opportunities in 2016

For producers planning a winter wheat crop, BigYield has a suite of products available that will help to optimize wheat plant health and deliver higher yields at harvest. Specifically, biologicals, sweeteners and seed treatments from BigYield can play a role in achieving big wheat yield goals.

BigBioYieldTM. BigYield’sTM crop biological, BigBioYieldTM, is made of a soil-borne microbe blend, and it aids plants by promoting growth and supporting them to capture their full productive potential. BigBioYieldTM includes multiple beneficial bacteria that can assist with controlling disease, managing pests, promoting growth and unlocking nutrients bound to the soil. When combined with a sweetener like BigWheat150TM, the bacteria found in BigBioYieldTM can use the sweetener as a food source.

BigWheat150TM. As a cold-processed sweetener, BigWheat150TM supports plant health in several ways. First, it supplies carbon, which is important because soil and vegetative carbon levels have declined by about 60 percent since the 19th century, according to a 2012 publication from the United Nations. Soil carbon levels correlate with plant performance. A publication from CABI, an organization dedicated to agricultural and environmental research and education, describes that soil carbon can influence plant productivity, moisture availability, soil structure maintenance and soil permeability.

Cold-processed sweeteners like BigWheat150TM can also elevate plant Brix levels. Brix readings convey the level of soluble solids, such as sugars, amino acids and minerals, present in a liquid solution, according to a video from The Ohio State University. The video explains that producers can use Brix data to choose varieties, plan harvest and allocate irrigation resources. Higher levels may also present some agronomic advantages. For example, the Brix level includes mineral concentrations in its reading, so plants with higher levels may have more minerals to use for growth and development. DTN reports that pests may present a less serious challenge for plants that express Brix levels that meet a given threshold.

BigYieldCoat ST CerealsTM. Newly available from BigYieldTM, the BigYieldCoat ST CerealsTM seed treatments for wheat provide disease and insect control benefits. With respect to disease management, the seed treatments can protect wheat seed and plants from rot, common blunt, powdery mildew, Fusarium scab and other diseases. Treating wheat seed with BigYieldCoat ST CerealsTM also may suppress insects such as wireworms, aphids and Hessian flies. BigYieldTM recommends applying BigYieldCoat ST CerealsTM seed treatments at 2.5 ounces per hundredweight.

For more information about BigWheat150TM, BigBioYieldTM and BigYieldCoat ST CerealsTM seed treatments, go to, and stay tuned to future editions of BigYieldTM News.

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