Wheat Products Offer Winning Big Yield Solution

With the right production environment and inputs, wheat can be a winner on your farm. has several products proven to improve wheat plant health, yields and total production on your farm this year. Our team especially likes the potential that foliar applications have this year for boosting wheat yields.

Our BigWheat150, Yield- Booster and BigBioYield products all may be used as foliar applications. Per acre, we recommend the following program to maximize wheat yields: BigWheat150 at stages 7 (flag) and 9 (boot); YieldBooster between growing stages 4 and 5; and BigBioYield during growth stages 5 and 6. We also recommend applying BP In-Furrow at planting to support higher yields.

BigWheat150 is a cold-processed sweetener that can boost yields, elevate plant Brix levels, reduce insect pressure and enhance herbicide application efficacy. Our YieldBooster product supplies seven micronutrients that facilitate plant and root health. BigBioYield has multiple beneficial bacteria that can reduce disease risk, improve nutrient availability and promote root growth. BP In-Furrow blends BigBioYield, made from multiple beneficial bacteria, with a high-quality, food-grade starter fertilizer.

Based on wheat plot harvest data collected during summer 2015 at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., these products can drive wheat yield improvements. In one plot, for example, a BigWheat150 plus fertilizer treatment provided a 22.62-bushel gain relative to just a 2.25-bushel gain provided by a fertilizer-only treatment. Another test found that applying BigBioYield and fertilizer facilitated a 14.59-bushel gain relative to a 4.54-bushel gain when applying fertilizer alone.

If you have questions about using wheat products to boost wheat performance and yields on your farm, then call us at 816-773-6018.

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