Biologicals Q and A – Don’t Biologicals Already Exist in My Soil?

Plant BacteriaThis information has been adapted from a regular column titled “John’s Jargon” that appears in the Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine. The magazine is a publication produced by the Missouri Soybean Association and is distributed to more than 28,000 Farmers throughout Missouri and in neighboring states.

Q. If Biologicals are all natural then don’t they already exist in my soil, and aren’t they already hard at work for me?

A. The short answer is no… As growers, we are faced with a wide variety of soil types and soil conditions. Unfortunately, the types of beneficial organisms that we’re discovering through biological research are not created within your soil under normal growing conditions. Biologicals are created from plant extracts and from a fermentation process that creates just the right condition for these organisms to live and grow. As they are naturally created through these processes, they have health boosting compounds built inside of them. Compounds that act as a booster shot to a plant’s health, which ultimately leads to higher yields.

Stay tuned as we post more information about the impact and results of biologicals and microbial formulations on crop yields and plant health.

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