Biologicals Q and A – What kind of research is being done on Biologicals?

Soybean Field ResearchThis information has been adapted from a regular column titled “John’s Jargon” that appears in the Missouri Soybean Farmer magazine. The magazine is a publication produced by the Missouri Soybean Association and is distributed to more than 28,000 Farmers throughout Missouri and in neighboring states.

Question: What kind of research is being done on Biologicals?

Answer: Research is happening on a grand scale in the biologicals community. This technology will likely be a major focus of large and small companies alike. This is due to the simple fact that the process of improving a plant’s health will generally have a direct impact on its production capabilities. And with the growing population of the world in the decades to come, it will be increasingly necessary to produce more food from the same acreage. For these reasons, and a host of others, we are seeing biological research take place in every corner of agriculture: In universities, private enterprises, humanitarian organizations, even within governments. All for the single goal of creating a healthier plant, which will contribute to higher plant yields.

Stay tuned as we post more information about the impact and results of biologicals and microbial formulations on crop yields and plant health.

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