Brandon Milliron Discusses His Experience with Yield Booster and BigSweetYield

Brandon Milliron, a grower in Fontana, KS, discusses the benefits he has seen from using Yield Booster and BigSweetYield. If you want information on either of these products, contact us online at or call 844-242-4367.

Video Transcript

How’s it going everybody? I just wanted to do a little update and testimonial of what we are seeing with the Yield Booster and the BigSweetYield.

As you can see I’m standing in a pretty good crop of soybeans. They are over waist high. These are a 4.6 bean. They were planted the first part of May. As you can see, they are putting on pods and blooming very well. These beans have really good stalk strength. They’re getting good height to them. We’ve had good heat and good moisture.

We’ve been seeing anywhere from a 3 to 4 bushel, some cases 6 bushel increase on the Yield Booster. Then you throw the BigSweetYield in there and it’s really going to protect you against that dry spell and heat.

As you can see we’ve got a little bit of insect damage. It’s pretty isolated, but we will be coming back in here with some insecticide. We will be throwing the BigSweetYield in with it and that’s going to super charge that insecticide.

I don’t know if you can tell, but there is one weed one out here in this field. This whole farm, besides that pond, is really fairly clean. That BigSweetYield has really gone into being a big part of that and super charging that herbicide and basically making everything we are doing better.

As you can see, the leaf size on these plants is massive. They are really taking in the sunlight right now and enjoying this humid temperature.

Just wanted to give you guys a little update on what we’re doing and what we’re seeing with the Yield Booster and BigSweetYield. Catch you later.

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