Burn Down Weeds Effectively

If not already, then here soon, fields will hum with machinery and equipment pulling planters or preparing the soil for the crop ahead. As field operations begin, weed management may arise as a challenge for some growers. In such cases, applying a burndown is a strategy to address those pesky weeds and create a clean field for planting.

Despite their role in controlling weeds, burndowns with harsh chemistries have the potential to hamper soil microbial life. This creates a problem as soil microbes have many vital roles in facilitating and supporting plant health. Those include making nutrients available to plants and improving soil structure through relieving compaction and “opening” the soil’s access to water and oxygen.

To support soil microbes through a burndown application, we at BigYield.us recommend using BigSweetYield, our cold-processed sweetener, as a complement to the burndown. As a cold-processed sweetener, BigSweetYield supplies carbohydrates, which microbes can use as a food and energy source.

A well-nourished microbial population is more fit to reproduce and further its beneficial activity. Ultimately, the growing, thriving soil microbial population translates into enhanced soil health, improved plant health and big yields at harvest. In this video, Beth Dickey of BigYield.us shares more details about using BigSweetYield at burndown.

At burndown, not only does adding the BigSweetYield support the soil microbial life, but it also can essentially “supercharge” the burndown. By that, we mean that we’ve found BigSweetYield applications to encourage good burndown contact with the targeted weeds.

Effectively killing weeds is one tool to minimize weed resistance issues. To learn other tips for avoiding herbicide resistance, see this story from Iowa Farmer Today.

In terms of “supercharging” a burndown, the BigSweetYield may also accelerate field residue breakdown. As soil microbial life flourishes, the growing beneficial bacteria can turn to feeding on residues, which will ultimately break down into organic matter that enriches the soil.

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