Celebrating Agriculture on Earth Day

Yesterday marked the annual Earth Day activities. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day symbolizes a time for discussing and honoring our environment. Throughout the week, you likely heard about sustainability and environmental issues, especially because at least 1 billion people were estimated to observe Earth Day. With this participation, Earth Day represents the world’s largest civic celebration.

It’s been said that agriculture honors Earth Day every day, and we agree. We at BigYield.us® have embraced practices that build the soil, conserve natural resources and respect the environment. In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to share about some of the sustainability practices that we’ve made a priority. These may also be practices that you’ve considered or adopted for your operation!

1. Soil health: At BigYield.us, we value practices and products that improve the soil. When soil is healthy, crops have a better opportunity to grow well and produce big yields not only this year but also during years to come. Thus, enhancing soil health is a long-term investment to drive long-term yields.

Specific soil health work that we’ve done includes adding microbial life to the soil to boost beneficial bacteria levels and supplying those microbes with energy that they need to flourish and multiply. Our BigBioYieldTM and BigSweetYieldTM products enable us to achieve these goals. We also value soil organic matter. Our Dinosaur DirtTM soil conditioner is a tool to elevate organic matter levels.

2. Cover crops: In recent years, BigYield.us research efforts have tested cover crops as a tool to prevent erosion and address compaction. Our team has tested cover crop mixes with radishes, turnips and rye grasses. The added biomass provided by cover crop residues contributes organic matter to the soil. We’ve observed that cover crops have contributed to erosion control, and in some cases, the cover crops have relieved compaction.

3. Organic: We’re just breaking the surface on organic agriculture research at BigYield.us. We view organic production as an opportunity to produce food in a system that avoids harsh chemicals and synthetic inputs. BigYield.us offers several products listed for organic production, but these same products, which focus on optimizing soil and plant health, may also fit well in conventional production models.

Contact us anytime for more information about the BigYield.us commitment to sustainability.

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