Saturday, November 18th 2023

Consider Applying a Fall Herbicide Burndown

With the weather conditions we have had this growing season, a lot of weeds have already seeded. Conventional growers should consider making a fall burndown application to start controlling weeds for next growing season. In the video, John Ortiz shares some of the products he has had success with.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, John Ortiz with Today we’re going to be discussing one of hte questions that a lot of people have been talking about due to the fact that we have had so much rain this past growing season.

One of the things that I highly suggest and recommend that you guys do is think about applying a fall burndown program. There are several different options out there. We have had great success using a product such as Basis blend and 2-4D. There was a generic one as well – Harrow. A lot of people were using three tenths to the ounce of Basis and a pint of 2-4D. That is some of the things we have been doing. Also been using a product such as Autumn Super as well.

So that is some of the things we will be looking at incorporating this year in our fall burndown program. Just be thinking heavily about it. With a lot of these weeds and water hemp and things like that not being able to be controlled and growing later in the growing season, a lot of that stuff went ahead and seeded already.

One of the things we want to think about doing is starting clean, staying clean, and maintaining clean fields throughout the growing season. I think it all starts with using a fall herbicide burndown program in your system. Whether it is corn or beans for the upcoming season.

Again, if you guys have any questions about products that you guys should be using or if you’ve got something in mind, don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email or text like you have been doing. I appreciate all the great information and commentary that you guys have for us.

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