Corn Time Lapse Product Comparison

Corn Treated with CRD Biologicals, June 2014The researchers at undertake thousands of individual research plots each year. One of the tools we have just added to our tool belt is time lapse photography, as we believe that nothing tells the story better than a picture.

Here you have two rows of corn. Each row is the same variety. They were both planted the same day. The only difference is that one was treated with a biological treatment and the other was just the bare seed (the check). As you watch the video you will see a slight difference between the corn treated with our biological formulation and the corn that is untreated.

To the right is an image of the corn yesterday. We pulled one plant from each row and showed them side by side. Look at those roots! Did the microbial treatment that we put on the treated corn have an impact on the corn plant? You be the judge!

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