Cut Costs, Not Corners

For farmers today, saving money has become a more common necessity as commodity prices dip to low levels. Reducing costs is one thing, but cutting corners is another. Don’t let efforts to decrease expenses lead you to choose low-quality inputs.

Some low-cost fertilizers on the market contain high aluminum levels and are low quality. Because these fertilizers are inexpensive, some growers may be willing to try them. However, the high aluminum content may negatively affect your crops now and in future years.

Aluminum can be toxic to plants, especially if soils are acidic. A story from Wheat Life reports that aluminum toxicity risk grows as pH levels drop. At pH levels lower than 5.5, aluminum availability can increase, and the compound can pose a more serious problem. In these conditions, aluminum can cause some crops, such as wheat, to have inhibited growth and root development. As a result, plants can’t as readily absorb water and nutrients, so they don’t reach their productive potential.

From a plant nutrition perspective, aluminum levels can also influence phosphorus availability. Again, this occurs when soil pH levels are lower than 5.5. A publication from The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation shares that aluminum and phosphorus can bind. In this case, the phosphorus is still present in the soil. It’s just not easily available and released for plant uptake.

For more information about aluminum, please see this story below from Farm & Ranch Guide.

To prevent aluminum-related problems, consider using fertilizers that don’t load the soil with aluminum. Plus, resolving soil pH issues can limit crop damage caused by aluminum.

At, we strive to deliver products that reduce your costs, make your operation more efficient and improve your bottom line. Our focus on driving yields and earning a good return is possible because we source high-quality inputs. The humic acid in our Dinosaur Dirt product can help to manage aluminum levels. Humic acid can bind to aluminum ions and tie up them. In this video, Kent Kauffman of shares more information about identifying and correcting aluminum problems on your farm.

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