Don’t Forget to Add BigSweetYield to Your Corn Herbicide Applications

For those of you getting ready to apply a herbicide on your corn crop, be sure to incorporate BigSweetYield. With the damp spring we have had, this will give your corn a much needed boost.

Also, for those of you who are planting beans, be sure to apply the BigYieldCoat Soy seed treatment to help get your beans out of the ground (and BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn if you are still re-planting corn).

Watch the video from David Yoder to learn more.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, this is David Yoder coming to you from here on the research farm. Today we’re going to talk to you a little bit about foliar applications on corn.

If you are applying your herbicides on your corn or your pre’s, don’t forget to add in the BigSweetYield. With the weather we have been having, BigSweetYield is definitely going to help get that corn going.

For guys who are just starting to plant beans, don’t forget about your BigYieldCoat product for soybeans, and also our BigYieldCoat Corn +Zn if you still have to replant any corn. It’ll get you out of the ground super fast to help you catch up on some of your corn.

You should also incorporate BigSweetYield on your burndown for your beans, as well as with your pre-emerge application. So don’t forget the BigSweetYield and for the guys who are still planting corn and beans don’t forget about the BigYieldCoat. It will help get you some yields in this wet, damp year.

This is David Yoder signing off with

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