Don’t Forget to Apply BigSweetYield DB to Your Soybean Crop

As soybeans continue to mature, be sure to apply our BigSweetYield DB to maximize your yield potential. Watch the video from Brian Kurz to learn more. If you have any questions, contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Brian Kurz with Renegade Research. Today we are going to be talking about one of the products from one of my platinum partners – BigYield. The product we are going to talk about today is BigSweetYield DB.

This product has been going on here recently. A lot of guys have beans at the R1 to R3 stage, so they are making that fungicide and insecticide pass over the top of the soybeans. Especially on soybeans that have good yield potential and look like they are having ample rainfall, this is something that can really help boost those pods and fill them out.

BigSweetYield DB is made up of three main parts. It has the biological in it. It has BigSweetYield, which is a good carbon source. It also has a 12-9-6 fertilizer that is present from BigYield’s product called Yield Booster. Yield Booster has that 12-9-6 fertilizer, 7 micronutrients, as well as a few other things in it. It’s a very good product. I think last year we were looking at anywhere from an 8 to 12 bushel increase – I would have to look at those exact numbers – but it’s a very good product and it looks like there are a lot of people who have good yield potential on their soybeans. I know here at the research farm we have some right now that look like they could yield as high as 65 bushel to the acre.

Anyways, if you are interested, definitely give the guys at BigYield a call, and we will check back in with you later.

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