Eye Opener Program for HyperBio and BigSweetYield

BigYield is introducing the Eye Opener Program – a way for you to get a look at BigYield products and how they can synergize with each other to help save you money, make you money, and save you time. For 2020, the Eye Opener Program will combine our new HyperBio product with our BigSweetYield. This is a great product combination for organic and non-GMO growers who want to improve the health of their soil.

The Eye Opener Program is a 25 acre program. The grower will purchase the product, and BigYield will offer freight rebates to help cover the cost of shipping. Growers who are willing to share a testimony of their experience will receive free tickets to the 2021 Heart of America Agricultural Hemp Classic, and may be eligible for special discounts during sales programs this fall.

Watch the video from Brad Dixon to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

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