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Feed Crops – and ROI Potential – with BigSweetYield

Before you know it, young seedlings will emerge, and managing their health is a priority in order to reap big harvests in the fall. To feed crops and provide an energy boost during this year’s growing season, we at recommend that growers consider our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener!

BigSweetYield is a low-cost solution for maximizing yields and, consequently, increasing farm revenue and returns. The key to BigSweetYield’s effectiveness is its formulation. It’s a glucose-based sweetener. Glucose acts as a carbohydrate source in a form that’s readily available to plants. That characteristic ensures that plants can use the energy to their disposal quickly following a BigSweetYield application. John Ortiz of shares more about glucose’s importance in this video.

Energy provided to the crop encourages plant vegetative growth and supports root development. With BigSweetYield applications, producers may anticipate elevated plant Brix levels. A Brix reading conveys a plant’s protein, vitamin, mineral and sugar content. Higher Brix levels means healthier plants.

Because BigSweetYield is also a carbon source, it generates several other crop and soil health benefits. The added carbon can make plants more productive; improve soil structure; and act as a food source for beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

Application timing varies by crop. In corn, we apply BigSweetYield at the V3 to V7 growth stages. In soybeans, we recommend applying BigSweetYield at the V3 to V5 growth stages.

Our past research data have shown a consistent yield advantage attributed to BigSweetYield applications. For example, in soybeans, our team has tracked and averaged yields from the past three years — 2014 to 2016. When applying BigSweetYield once a season at 1 pound per acre during V3, yield gains were 3 bushels per acre at minimum and 5 bushels per acre at maximum. In terms of return on investment, the trial results show that growers could anticipate returns on their investment from $26.80 per acre to $46.60 per acre with those yields, assuming that soybean prices average $9.90 per bushel.

If applying BigSweetYield three times during the growing season, then the yield increase was 7 bushels at minimum and 16 bushels at maximum. Treatments of 1 pound per acre were made at V3, R1 and R3. Assuming that soybean prices average $9.90 per bushel, the return on investment given these yields would total $60.60 and $149.70 per acre, respectively.

For other tips that point to improving yields, check out this story from Iowa Farmer Today.

Call anytime to learn more about using BigSweetYield on your farm this year.

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