Final Reminder for the 2019 VISPS Conference

We wanted to take one last opportunity to remind everyone about the VISPS Conference on January 8th. This is a great opportunity to hear about non-GMO and organic pricing and contracting, VISPS verification, drift rights, corn markets, and more. We still have a few spots available, so if you are interested in attending call us at (816) 773-6096.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. This is David Yoder, coming to you from our Garden City location here in Garden City, Missouri. I’m with

I wanted to give everyone one more reminder that we have our VISPS Conference coming up. It’s our farmer meeting. There are going to be a lot of good key speakers there.

There are going to be some contract opportunities for grain. There are going to be some guys that are big into the world grain markets talking. We’ve got some legal apsects there as well. There is going to be a whole bunch of good information. There will be a little bit of everything for everybody – from organic to conventional to transitional guys. Non-GMO and all of that. Pretty much anything that has to do with farming. It’s going to be a good meeting.

It’ll be a good time. We’re going to serve you lunch. So if you guys want to come, give us a call and let us know.

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