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This year, we are testing a new piece of equipment from Precision Planting called a FurrowJet. This system allows growers to place fertilizer on top of the seed in the furrow, as well as on both sides. Using FurrowJets, growers can put larger amounts of products like our BP In-Furrow on. Watch the video from Brian Kurz to learn more about FurrowJets and our research plans. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hey guys this is Brian Kurz with Renegade Research and today we are discussing the FurrowJet. This is Keaton Precision Planting’s newest product. What we are looking at doing is trying to see how we can get more product in-furrow.

Keaton, with their new FurrowJet, it allows us to put fertilizer both on top of the seed in-furrow, as well as putting the fertilizer three-quarters of an inch on either side of the row, again in-furrow. So what we are looking at doing is testing not only where it should be applied, but at what rate. Before, we have been pretty limited on the amount of gallons per acre we have been able to put on. We want o see if pushing that rate, if doing what we consider the unthinkable, of 10 to 15 – possibly even 20 gallons per acre of a fertilizer in-furrow – if that is going to bring us the returns we want to see.

So hopefully we can keep you updated, see what is going on. For you guys using this, hopefully we can give you some good information and maybe encourage some others to use it as well.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time at BigYield.us or get ahold of John or I or David or anyone else here.

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