Friday, September 30th 2022

Future of Weed Control | Tony Reinsch

Tony Reinsch discusses where he sees weed management going in the future.

Video Transcript

That is a very interesting question because about a month ago I was sitting here in this same building having a discussion about this.

I believe we are going to start seeing a lot more iron come out – the cultivators. There is a generation of farmers who have never even seen a cultivator before.

I was talking to the Orthman salesman at Husker Harvest Days a few weeks ago. He said they have sold more cultivators this fall. Weeds are not resistant to iron. That can be and are resistant to chemicals.

You’re going to see a lot of rotation. I believe there are a few new products out in the marketplace also that people will have to be really careful of how they use it. At the same time, you’re going to see a lot more farmers really pay attention to their chemical people when they are talking about needing to “use this, followed by this, and rotate these chemistries.” Otherwise, we are going to be in the same boat three or four years down the road.

But again, iron cultivators. I’ve even seen some people that have been no-till their entire life go out and start disking the fields in the spring before planting. They let some of the first round of weeds come up and they went ahead and disked them under. That way their crop gets a clean start, and they can put the pre-plants and pre-emergents out there and follow that up with a post-emerge program.

That’s my thoughts. I think we’re going to go old school with these chemistries and cultivators.

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