Get in the Zone with In-Furrow Treatments

Planting season will here before we know it, and we at recommend that you add in-furrow treatments to your planting plan. In-furrow treatments can help you make the best of genetics that you choose and create an optimal growing environment for young seedlings.

This story from Corn and Soybean Digest suggests some hesitancy about adding an in-furrow expense when crop prices are low. Such conditions certainly ring true for growers today. However, the story also describes that in-furrow treatments can be beneficial, and it shares some tips to consider for capturing value from corn in-furrow treatments. In particular, No. 4 alludes to the importance of selecting a product that generates a good return.

In trials that we’ve conducted at The Farm Research Center in Garden City, Mo., our results have shown that big returns are possible when applying our BP In-Furrow to corn. BP In-Furrow blends the multiple beneficial bacteria in our BigBioYield biological with a high-quality, food-grade starter fertilizer. Meant for corn, wheat, milo and other crops, BP In-Furrow protects against soil-borne diseases and pathogens, promotes improved root development, enhances nutrient availability and increases soil organic matter.

In 2016, our BP In-Furrow research in corn found that applying 4 gallons of BP In-Furrow per acre increased yields by 37 bushels per acre relative to a check. Assuming that corn prices are $3.63 per bushel, the return on using BP In-Furrow would be $100.71 per acre.

In part, those returns are possible because of the multiple beneficial bacteria included in the BP In-Furrow formulation. Those beneficial bacteria have particular importance in supporting root health and, ultimately, plant health and crop yields.

When a crop takes root and root hairs begin to develop, the beneficial bacteria placed in the furrow colonize around the root system in what’s known as the rhizosphere. Think of the rhizosphere bacteria as a protective zone. Both chemically and physically, that zone prevents harm to the plant’s root system. Plus, the healthy bacteria enable the plant to effectively access and use nutrients that it needs for growth and development.

Facilitating healthy rhizosphere development with a BP In-Furrow application can make a difference in your corn crop’s health. For more information about using in-furrow treatments in corn, see this video that features John Ortiz of

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