Go for the Good Bugs

In some areas, insect infestations are now emerging as a threat. This story from DTN/The Progressive Farmer highlights potential outbreak problems with Japanese beetles and soybean aphids in particular.

As growers take passes through their fields this summer, we encourage them to add a BigSweetYield application to their management programs. The BigSweetYield will not only help to boost plant health but also help you capture the value of “good bugs” through controlling harmful pests.

A cold-processed sweetener, BigSweetYield serves as a glucose-based formulation that gives plants an energy boost. Post-application, crops tend to experience a bump in Brix level. Meaning, they’re likely to have greater levels of protein, vitamins, minerals and sugar available to use as they grow and develop. Ultimately, at harvest, we’ve measured that BigSweetYield contributes to enhanced yields and ROI in our test plots. We have a sampling of yield results posted on our website. Be sure to check out those!

The energy jolt provided by the BigSweetYield doesn’t stop at the plant level, however. Applying the product may also support beneficial insects that are looking for a food source. Beneficial insects are “beneficial” because they can serve as on-the-ground troops that help to combat harmful bugs that would otherwise limit or destroy your crops’ yield potential.

Several research reports indicate the value that a sweetener can have on beneficial insects. As an example, University of Nebraska Extension shared about trials conducted in Honduras that measured beneficial insect response to a sugar-water substance applied to corn. Post-applying the sugar-water blend, the beneficial insect population experienced a significant boost in number, according to a story from No-Till Farmer. Areas that had been treated were also reported to have an 18 percent drop in fall armyworm attacks. That decline illustrates the potential power of beneficial insects in managing bad bugs.

Our BigSweetYield sweetener has the opportunity to similarly attract beneficial bugs. To apply BigSweetYield, we recommend applications in soybeans between V3 and V5. For corn, we suggest applications from V3 to V7. One pound per acre works well in corn and soybeans.

To know whether methods meant to boost beneficial insect populations are working, you can design traps for capturing bugs. This video from Kent Kauffman of BigYield.us shares more about building Texas-style insect traps and pheromone lures.

For more information about controlling insects or using our BigSweetYield cold-processed sweetener, please reach out to us anytime.

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