Huge Savings During Our Earth Day Special

We are offering a big discount on BigBioYield during our Earth Day specials. The promotion runs from April 20rd through April 23rd. To get the product discount, growers must participate in our BigSmartPlot program and pay for the product in full by April 23rd. To learn more about our Earth Day specials or BigBioYield, contact us anytime.

Video Transcript

Hi guys, my name is David Yoder. I’m coming to you from the research farm here with We’re going to talk to you today about some products that are going on sale for our Earth Day special. April 20th – 23rd is when this special is going to take place. It is for our BigBioYield. We had some really good results – I think our ROI on that for our soybeans was 798 percent. Really good product.

One thing we want from you guys is to get involved with our BigSmartPlot program. We want some testimonials and some yield data to see how you guys like the products.

One other thing about this sale is we are asking that this has to be paid in full by April 23rd.

Get ahold of your salesperson or contact us on, call the office, get ahold of us anyway you can. We would love to get you in our BigSmartPlots and help you save a lot of money with these really good sales we have going on right now.

This is David Yoder signing off.

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