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Tony Reinsch shares his thoughts on the benefits of using humic and fulvic products, such as the Dinosaur Dirt product from

Video Transcript

The humic products and the fulvic products – what I really like about them is back to what I said earlier about the benefits of making a very nice atmosphere for that seed.

Unless you broadcast them most of the humic and fulvic acid products are going in-furrow. They are creating a beautiful nursery, a beautiful home for that seedling right there in the furrow. The other benefit I see is that it puts everything in harmony right in that seed furrow.

When they are broadcasted, what I really like about the humic and fulvic products is – especially if the broadcast it in the fall, the corn stalks were so brittle that they just shattered the next spring. I believe the number was 30 or 40 percent easier time when chopping up the corn stalks the next spring. They are going to be that much more susceptible to your chopper. That goes back to saving more time and being efficient – the farmer can fly through the field a lot faster when those stalks are shattering like they are supposed to. Those are two ways I really like the humic products.

Make sure you have a good humic and a good fulvic. I know BigYield sells really good quality humic and fulvic acids. The reason I say that is there is a lot of crap in the marketplace. Make sure you trust and understand the product that you are using. And the people behind it.

You can put dirt in water and call it a humic acid and sell it. And you are just buying dirt and water. Trying to get that through your sprayer is going to be fun.

I see a lot of people putting those humic and fulvic acids on in the fall with a high boy or a floater and they put a lot of gallons to it. That way they are braking down those stalks out there. It makes life the next spring that much easier.

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