Introducing Brad Dixon as a New DSM for BigYield

We’re excited to announce that Brad Dixon has joined the BigYield team. Brad is a new District Sales Manager for BigYield. Brad is also an organic inspector and consultant, with 15 years of experience in organic agriculture.

Brad can work with both conventional and organic operations. Watch the video to learn more about Brad. Feel free to contact him anytime if you want to discuss your farming operation.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, I’m Brad Dixon with, just wanted to take a couple minutes and introduce myself. I’m the new DSM for BigYield, and I wanted to remind you of the program and products that we have for all types of farming operations, whether you’re dry land or irrigated, have liquid on your plant or not, or whether you’re conventional or organic. I’m also an organic inspector, I’ve worked with organic agriculture for about 15 years consulting and transitioning farmers from conventional to organic. I also work with Bill Cook and the MHA on any growers that wan to to grow organic hemp, and we’ve got several products that will work for them. Don’t forget BigYield offering some COVID-19 relief programs that will help financing, rebates, and discounts. If you’re interested in that you can give us a call.

Here at BigYield we can also provide you with a flame cultivator along with other lines of equipment to help you with your farming operation. If you’d like to discuss your farming operation with me, I’d love to hear from you. My cell phone number is 816-944-6225. I’d love to visit with you and see where we can help you.

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