Kyle Stutzman Discusses His Experience with BigSweetYield DB

Kyle Stutzman, a farmer based out of Garden City, Missouri, discusses the results he has seen using BigSweetYield DB. Growers like Kyle can see healthier plants, higher yields, reduced insect pressure, and other benefits from using this product. BigSweetYield DB is our cold-processed sweetener, our BigBioYield, and our Yield Booster with seven micronutrients.

Video Transcript

John Ortiz: Hey guys, this is John Ortiz with Today I’ve got Mr. Kyle Stutzman with Stutzman Farms. Last week we talked about our BigSweetYield DB – which is formerly known as Soy100 DB. It’s a product that Kyle has been using in his operation for quite some time now. With that being said I’d like to introduce Kyle Stutzman. Kyle, where are you from?

Kyle Stutzman: Garden City, Missouri.

John: What do you grow?

Kyle: Corn and soybeans is what we do.

John: I’ve got a couple questions that I want to ask you. Like I said, BigSweetYield DB is our cold-processed sweetener, our biological, and our Yield Booster that we have combined to foliar apply on soybeans at R1 to R3. Kyle, how long have you used this product?

Kyle: It’s going on seven years now.

John: How easy is this product to mix and handle.

Kyle: It’s very easy. It goes right through our inductor with no problem. Just put a little water through the inductor and it breaks down immediately.

John: What has been the average yield increases that you have seen?

Kyle: Back when we did strips and side-by-side tests, we saw six to eight bushel increases. Now we put it on everything. We haven’t done any tests in the last few years but the tests we did do showed six to eight bushel.

John: Did anything stand out about the product on your crops after applying?

Kyle: We noticed that when we started putting it in with out chemicals we started getting a better chemical kill. We noticed that we don’t have the stink bug and bean leaf beetle problems. It’s something about those bugs not being able to digest the sugar. So we have noticed less insect pressure.

John: That is some of the things that we have seen and told you guys about in some of our other videos. We do see some decrease in insect pressure with using some of these BigYield products. Kyle has had those same results and benefits on his farm as well. With that being said, be sure to follow us on and if you have any questions let us know.

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