Kyle Stutzman’s Thoughts on BigSweetYield

Kyle Stutzman discusses his experience using the BigSweetYield product on his soybeans. BigSweetYield is our cold-processed sweetener that can be applied to all crops. It has shown to increase yield, increase a plants Brix levels, create a healthier plant, and even increase the efficacy of some chemicals.

Audio Transcript

John: John Ortiz with BigYield here. I am standing with Kyle Stutzman with Stutzman Farms. Today we are going to be discussing BigSweetYield. Kyle, I’ve got a couple questions for you, if you could answer that would be great. Kyle, how long have you been using BigSweetYield?

Kyle: I think about eight years.

John: Perfect. How does it handle and mix?

Kyle: No mixing problems whatsoever. It dissolves as soon as it hits water.

John: Have you seen any yield increases by using the product? What have you seen?

Kyle: We don’t do any side-by-sides anymore because we put it on all our acres. When we started, we would do half fields and do comparisons. We always got three to five bushel increase it seemed like. The plants healthier, we don’t have the insect pressure. I even think it helps make your chemical work better. For some reason, I don’t know what that reason is, but we see that.

John: How many times or trips do you usually make across the field?

Kyle: We’re making two trips. We do it at first bloom and then at first pod.

John: Ok, so around the R1 and R3 stages is when you are currently using the product. For more questions be sure to follow us on

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