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As you complete the fall harvest, it’s time to start considering your approach to 2017. For many farmers, the agricultural economy presents some tough challenges that must be overcome to ensure that 2017 is a profitable year.

The most recent Ag Economy Barometer results, which gauge farmer attitudes about the U.S. agricultural economy, showed that farmers have some concerns. This AgriNews story summarizes the barometer results, which originate from Purdue University and the CME Group. It shares that low commodity prices have driven the barometer to read lower.

When comparing farmer views about current conditions and future expectations, the November barometer showed some current optimism. Big harvests may have encouraged growers, and slight commodity price improvements likely also improved farmers’ short-term market view. In the long term, however, low price forecasts may have contributed to depressed future expectations.

At BigYield.us, we want to help our growers to navigate the current and future market by not only offering products that get big yields but also cost-effectively driving those yields. Our goal is to save you money, make you money and save you time. In part, we deliver these benefits by offering products that are proven to yield well and provide a good return on the investment. Between now and Dec. 31, we also have BigYield Bucks promotional coupons available to help you save.

Through the BigYield Bucks promotion, growers may qualify for product discounts or equipment financing. For customers who have previously purchased from BigYield.us, the program enables those growers to earn significant discounts if they increase their total qualifying BigYield.us product purchases between the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Discounts are also available to new BigYield.us customers.

In this video, Bill Cook of BigYield.us shares more details about the BigYield Bucks discount promotions.

The equipment financing option would enable growers to earn financing if they make a multiple-year, legally binding commitment to using BigYield.us products. Eligible equipment included in the program are in-furrow systems, tanks, pumps, shuttles and nurse-wagons. Financing plans would be customized for each grower who agrees to participate. Growers may not seek both a BigYield Bucks discount and equipment financing in a single year.

If you have questions about the BigYield Bucks program, then please call us anytime.

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